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"Rick" Richard Brown - Coldwell Banker Oyer

Buying a Home

Getting Started

Buying a home can be a very complicated process. This site is designed to help out with that process. These are some easy steps to follow to get started.

Hiring Me As Your Buyer's Agent


My Commitment To You

  • Note that although I am a buyer's agent working for you, I am paid by the seller for an accepted offer written on the seller’s property for you the buyer. 
  • I will be your information resource concerning all parts of real estate purchasing process 
  • I will keep your information confidential. 
  • I will distribute information to you on available homes that meet your specified criteria. Being your agent means 
  • I will set up showings for any homes on the market you want to see. 
  • I will write up all offers you want to make on available properties.  
  • I will exclusively represent you the buyer except in cases where the buyer and seller are both represented by the same brokerage. (When this occurs it is called dual agency. In this case both parties must be fair and impartial. During price negotiations of Coldwell Banker Oyer properties I must remain neutral. Again all information of yours is kept confidential.) 
  • As your buyer’s agent I will follow through on all accepted offers that become contracts from the point of initiation to the point of closing.    
  • I strive to make your home shopping experience, a pleasant one keeping you informed throughout the process. 
  • So how do you make me your buyer’s agent? Answer: Simply by asking; nothing to sign!  

Getting Prequalified


Getting In Contact With A Lender To Become Prequalified

  • First contact a lender and get pre-qualified. NOTE THAT i CAN PUT YOU IN TOUCH WITH A QUALIFIED LENDER AT YOUR REQUEST
  • In order to make an offer you must first become pre-qualified. Getting pre-qualified is the beginning stage in the mortgage process. 
  • A qualified lender can get you pre-qualified over the phone. During the call you supply the lender with your overall financial picture, including your debt, income and assets. 
  • After evaluating this information, a lender can give you an idea of the mortgage amount for which you qualify for.
  • If there is a problem with your credit, the lender may be able to advise you of steps to take for credit repair. 
  • The following questions will be answered by a lender: What is my maximum that I can spend on a house? What loan types are available to me? What will my down payment be? Any mortgage question I might have? Available programs to first time home buyers? 
  • Note I will work closely with any lender you may pick.  

Earnest Money


You Should Have Earnest Money Available

  • Earnest Money is money that is put up to show you are serious about the offer you are making. 
  • Your Earnest Money is deposited in a trust account if your offer becomes a contract. 
  • The trust account is regulated by the state. Generally you will get your Earnest Money back if you do everything that you say you are going to do in the contract. See Ohio Revised Code 4735.24 Earnest money to be maintained in special account.  

Money For Home Inspections


You Should Have Money For Home Inspections

  • Often with homes for sale there are unseen problems that a home inspection would detect. Home Inspections generally cost $350-400. If you are buying a house in the country that doesn't have a public water source, you will need additional money for a well inspection. Also if there is a septic tank you will need more money for a septic inspection. Concerning Home Inspection funds, this is money you should have available when you make an offer. 
  • Once your offer becomes a contract, you will have 10 days to complete all inspections.   

Narrowing Down The Search


Defining Your Specificatins For The Home You Are Looking For

  • There are hundreds of properties on the market and many are not the properties you are looking for. 
  • To save countless hours of time looking through these properties we must first define our specifications so I can set up a filter to weed out the properties you are not interested in. 
  • Beware if you set the specifications to high, the filter will stop properties you might be interested in from entering into your portal. 
  • Imagine setting your specifications for 2 or more bathrooms. The filter will stop all houses with only one bathroom from entering your portal I make for you.  
  • At a later time you might notice a particular house on the market is not listed in your portal. It is because the filter stopped it. There is something the property doesn't have according to your specifications. 
  • Please define carefully all of the specifications listed below. Please enter them in the contact form below.  


  • Preferred Price Range/Prequalified For: 
  • Target Property Locations/areas:  
  • If School Districts Matters list desired School Districts 
  • Minimum # Bedrooms: 
  • Minimum # Bathrooms: 
  • Garage: No? – Doesn’t Matter? – Yes? (If yes, how many garage spaces?)  
  • Basement: No? – Doesn’t Matter? - Yes 
  • If Land Matters List # Acres:
  • Any other specifications to be used as a filter?  
  • Phone Number:
  • Best Time To Be Reached:
  • I want you to be my buyer's agent - confirm

Specifications To Be Submitted

Submit Your Specifications Here In The Message Box Below

Upon Receiving Your Specifications I Will Set Up Your MLS Portal

Feel free to call me at my cell phone. If you get my voicemail leave a detailed message and I will call you promptly.

"Rick" Richard Brown - Coldwell Banker Oyer

(513) 267-8239

Tools For Home Search


Services I Provide To My Clients

  • I will set up an MLS portal with the property specifications that you are looking for to aid in your property search. 
  • I will set it up so you automatically receive emails of properties that match your specifications immediately when the houses go on the market. 
  • This is another useful tool to find available homes Myhomesearch 
  • Note that any property that has a for sale sign on it, I am available to research it and show it.